BioHemp™ Pet Chews


BioHemp™ Plus is our new proprietary liquid formula that you can feel working immediately. The synergistic effects of our organic colorado CBD and the complement of naturally occurring terpenes have been specifically selected for this formula. We added Black cumin seed, Capsicum and Beta Caryophyllene for pain management. with the addition of Black Indian Pepper Root extract which helps with the absorption of all of the ingredient above for maximum effect. Many of the ingredients in BioHemp™ Plus you might be familiar with, but never combined in a formulation like this!




Zero THC

no preservatives

Natural orange and lemon oil

No after taste

3rd Party Analysis

BioHemp™ will not show

on any drug test

BioHemp™ Plus is more than just CBD

Our broad-spectrum hemp extract comes from the whole plant so that includes more than 80 other.




In every serving.


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