BIOHEMP+ 500 and PHYTOMAXX™ 90 ct chews


BIOHEMP+ Plus is our new proprietary liquid formula that you can feel working immediately. The synergistic effects of our organic colorado CBD and the complement of naturally occurring terpenes have been specifically selected for this formula. We added Black cumin seed, Capsicum and Beta Caryophyllene for pain management. with the addition of Black Indian Pepper Root extract which helps with the absorption of all of the ingredient above for maximum effect. Many of the ingredients in BIOHEMP+ Plus you might be familiar with, but never combined in a formulation like this!



BIOHEMP+ uses hemp grown by our farmer friends in the pristine soils of Colorado and clean CO2 extraction processes for the healthiest product possible. Then we add our special blend of botanicals for better absorption and cross-receptor action. These proven supplements work together with our CBD to make BIOHEMP+ more effective than the sum of its ingredients.

  • A CBD synergy containing capsaicin, black cumin seed, and beta-caryophyllene for maximized absorption and results
  • Non-intoxicating, FDA-compliant CBD formulation
  • Delicious citrus flavor
  • Accurate and easy dosing with calibrated dropper
  • Independent 3rd party analysis

Tested and Trusted

We always test our raw ingredients and final products before they are delivered to you. And just to make sure we’er getting it right, we test during our production process too. Why do we test our products so much? So that we know for sure that we have the right amount of all our ingredients in every bottle and none of the bad stuff like THC, Heavy Metals, Pesticides or Mold. If you are not happy with any of our products we offer a 100% money back guarantee with a no questions asked policy. We are confident that you will be a life long customer and we are always here to answer all of your questions by phone or email.

Rob Kovler, CEO

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250 MG $45, 500 MG $72


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